Report Shows Confusing Housing Market

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Posted on December 3, 2009 under Housing Trends | icon: commentBe the First to Comment

home and money on tenant screening blogZillow, the popular home-price website, also conducts surveys of homeowners, and occasionally publishes the results. Last month, their report showed that there is much confusion over pricing and home values.

In the northeast, home values are rising more than their owners realize. Only 20% of homeowners believed their homes gained value over the past 12 months—but 31% of homes in the region actually did.

To contrast, homeowners in the west are more optimistic—but unrealistic. 28% of homeowners believe their homes gained value, but only 17% actually did!

Nationally, the numbers were 25% of homeowners believing they gained value in their homes and 22% that actually did. 49% believed their homes lost value over the past 12 months—and in reality, a whopping 72% did.

This confusing situation could be why real estate investors and buyers (other than first timers) are holding off on purchasing property—until prices stabilize.The Zillow report also revealed that fewer Americans are underwater in their homes (owing more than it is worth). But, as job recovery remains slow, the 14% of all American mortgages delinquent or already in foreclosure will increase—and  put more vacant homes for sale or for rent in a market that is already saturated with more houses and apartments than demand can support.

It looks like the housing recovery real estate investors and landlords have been awaiting is still eluding them. The US Census Dept. reported that one in seven housing units was vacant in the third quarter—the highest number since the government began reporting the data in 1965. Until employment grows again, the outlook for a healthy housing market is less than stellar.

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