Common Items to Include in a Lease

By E-Renter Tenant Screening
Posted on January 13, 2009 under Landlord Paperwork and Forms | icon: commentBe the First to Comment

There are many pre-printed lease forms, and they may suit your purposes just fine. It is always acceptable to change certain items on a pre-printed form, as long as all parties who will sign the document also initial those changes.

You can, of course, also choose to create your own lease (although you should check your local laws or contact an attorney for advice). If you do want to create your own, these are some common items to include in a lease:

  • names of all parties
  • description of the rental property
  • term of the lease
  • amount of rent and when that rent is due
  • all details regarding security deposit
  • what happens in the event of default of any party
  • if there is a late fee (and in what amount and when it is due)
  • is a business allowed on the property
  • does disturbing other tenants constitute default of the lease
  • duties of both parties with regard to maintenance
  • what happens at the end of the lease term
  • under what conditions is the landlord allowed to enter the property
  • who pays attorney fees in the event of a lawsuit
  • are pets allowed (and details)
  • what happens if the landlord dies or sells the building during the term of the lease

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