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tenantscreeningblog, tenant screening, background checkWould you like to eliminate the need to deposit rent checks? How tired are you of hearing excuses for late rent payments? Want to make it easier for your tenants to pay their rent on time?

Consider online rent collection. After all, if you already pay your bills online—it makes sense to use this technology for your rental income, too. And if you asked your tenants, they’d probably vote in favor of online rent payment.

Five Online Rent Payment Services:

  1. Fees are limited to $2 per transaction; no monthly or setup fees are charged. This service allows you to choose who pays the transaction fee: you, your tenants, or a 50/50 split. Tenants set up their bank account information and rent funds are transferred through Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transactions to your bank. Auto-payment means the tenant doesn’t need to worry about it—rent is deducted on the same day of the month, every month. Or, tenants can choose manual payment with reminder emails.
  2. Simplify’em Pay Rent: With this awkwardly-named service, $5 per tenant per month, gets you get unlimited transactions, tenant billing, and detailed reports. Full income and expense tracking is available to integrate with the company’s property management software.
  3. RAMSrent offers landlords and property managers a portal through which tenants can apply for housing and pay rent. Tenants may choose to pay by check, Visa, or MasterCard, with a discount on convenience fees.
  4. also allows tenants to set up automatic rent payments through e-check or credit card. It offers additional features, too, such as online rental application and maintenance requests, plus a portal to connect all utilities (electric, gas, cable, internet and more) through one interface. You can even post announcements for tenants to see when they check in to pay their rent. There are no setup fees and no monthly fees for 10 or more transactions per month. Multiple bank accounts are okay, too.
  5. is a secure site with no monthly fees and full reporting, such as email notification each time a payment is made. Landlords and property managers can choose to accept or reject each payment. This eliminates the issue of accepting partial rent payments from tenants, which can complicate eviction proceedings.

Eliminating the hassle of collecting rent checks could be worth the fees involved in online rent payment services. Check out the sites above (none of which is affiliated with and see if there is one that fits your needs!

Pre-screen all tenants as part of your standard application process. Background and credit checks will help ensure you rent to qualified tenants. For more landlord resources, including forms and information on tenant screening, turn to

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