Round Up of Online Rent Payment Services

By E-Renter Tenant Screening
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tenant credit check, tenant screeningOur last post covered ways to incentivize tenants to pay rent online. One reader asked for a list of online rent payment services. So we’ve rounded up a list of popular online rent payment services, along with what makes each one unique.

RentPayment – This company says it’s the largest electronic payments processor in the multifamily industry. RentPayment was founded in 1999 and has since acquired a couple of competitors along the way. The company offers credit card and debit card rent payment on their website. Tenants can also pay rent by phone, by using the company’s iPhone app, or by text. Tenants who sign up for RentByText get monthly text reminders when rent is due. They simply reply “Pay,” and their rent is automatically paid via their debit/credit card or through an e-check. Property managers collecting paper checks can use RentPayment’s check scanning services to capture check images digitally, and then deposit them without leaving the office.

RentPayment’s extensive marketing efforts are intended to increase use of its services. They offer magnets, brochures, posters and signs to help spread the word about the advantages of paying rent online through their services.

Pricing: The monthly fee is $9.95 to set up accepting e-check payments through RentPayment, which includes 10 e-check transactions. Funds are deposited into your bank account within one or two business days. Tenants may pay online for free. Additional e-checks are $1.00 each. The fee to accept credit cards is 2.95% of the total amount. Debit cards are 1% of the total amount. Tenants may pay online, by phone, or text for free.

PayLease – PayLease also offers rent payments via e-checks and credit cards, either one-time or recurring. They also offer the means for property managers to make payments into the building owner’s bank account. Another unique feature of PayLease is an integrated online lease application system. Prospective tenants may submit an application and pay the application fee at the same time. Property managers are notified via email that a new application has been submitted.

Tenants may pay rent online or over the phone. Email reminders are also avaialable.

Pricing: PayLease allows rental property owners to pay the transactions fees for online payments, or pass the fee along to tenants. The company also offers a rebate program. The more online payments tenants make, the bigger the rebate. Monthly and/or transaction fees are priced individually.

PayYourRent – PayYourRent was developed by property managers. They offer rent and security deposit payment processing by e-check or credit card, along with additional automatic management services, such as maintenance requests, rental applications, utility connections and check scanning. PayYourRent also offers a payment portal that you can customize with your company’s logo, address and other information.

Pricing is provided upon request. Tenants may pay rent online. PayYourRent offers 24-hour payment processing, so funds are available more quickly.

eRentPayment – eRentPayment allows property managers to collect rent, application fees and security deposits online. Tenants may pay rent online each month, sign up for recurring automatic payments or pay by phone. Managers may also refund security deposits to tenants through the service. Rent payments submitted late are automatically charged a late fee, and managers/owners have the option of blocking partial payments. There are no extra fees to use multiple bank accounts.

eRentPayment offers a solution for tenants without Internet access, as well. Managers may submit a form, signed by the tenant, authorizing an automatic monthly debit from their bank account. Tenants may not alter the payment without submitting another application.

Pricing: Each transaction is $3.00. Property owners and managers may choose to pay the entire transaction fee, split it with the tenant, or have the tenant pay the fee. eRentPayment also offers vacancy listings for no charge.

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