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The prudent evaluation of the rental prospect used to be a laborious exercise of interviewing employers, friends, previous landlords and other references, and deciphering occult credit reports which may be accurate or not, then, in all likelihood, flipping a coin. In recent years, services have arisen, devoted to the needs of the real estate rental market, not only to dredge up information on rental prospects, but to evaluate these prospects, verify employment and interview references, and even make decisions to rent or not, based on criteria the landlord has vouchsafed to the service. These are collectively referred to as screening services, and can do much, if not all, of the work the landlord used to do on his own. In one role, they can be used as a single source to obtain all the information the landlord needs to make his own decision on whether or not to rent. In another, they can be used as subcontractors to whom the entire decision to rent or not can be delegated, with the advantage that they are likely to be much more objective because not under pressure to fill a vacancy. The role the landlord selects will affect the process by which he decides which service to use.

The information which the landlord wants in order to screen falls into the following categories:

  1. Income and Employment
  2. Rental History
  3. Eviction History
  4. Credit History

Some landlords have also begun ordering criminal background checks. The value of these, given the present state of the art, is still a matter of debate, so they have not really yet become part of the standard screening package. Most screening services provide them for an additional fee and at an additional cost in time to produce them.

Whether the landlord sees the screening service as nothing more than a convenient point at which to procure a credit report and eviction history, or as a complete turn key service, accuracy is the first requisite. Whatever the service reports should be true.

Here are the benefits of Tenant Screening :

  1. Fast – Don’t lose applicants to slow service. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally quick reliable service.
  2. Reliable – Dependable service and reliable information that you can rely on.
  3. Accurate – Providing you with the most accurate information available, so you can make better decisions about your property.
  4. Credit, Criminal, Eviction, Sex Offender, and Suspected Terrorist reports are performed instantly and are accessible 24/7. Eliminate waiting days, hours or even minutes – reports are delivered in less than 15 seconds!
  5. Easy to use WEB-BASED system.
  6. Easy to READ and UNDERSTAND credit reports. Our reports are reformatted and color coded to make them user friendly and EASY to understand. (For example: if you see RED that means they paid late; If you see GREEN, that means they paid on time)
  7. Instantly sign leases based on reliable information – strike (RENT) while the iron is hot – and fill vacancies FASTER!
  8. Exceptional, innovative customer service We proactively monitor your requests online to immediately offer assistance if you encounter any trouble, and provide a toll-free phone number that a life support specialist will assist you during normal business hours (8am-5pm PST). We are here for you when you need us!
  9. Increase time spent with prospective residents of your community by reducing the time your staff spends on screening applicants.
  10. Improve NOI by making better decisions and reducing bad debt.

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