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Posted on October 31, 2006 under Landlord Tips | icon: commentBe the First to Comment

Ques. Are tenants entitled to rent receipts?

Ans. The law in many American states requires landlords to offer tenants a receipt for rent paid. This is to protect those tenants who prefer to pay in cash, and who without a rent receipt, would have no other way of proving, they did indeed pay the rent, in the event, a landlord decides to challenge the issue.

A vast number of tenants these days prefer to make payments, either by cheque or credit card; yet, landlords in these states are still required to issue rental receipts, if the tenant requests it. Even, if the cheque bounces, the receipt given for that bounced cheque will not pose a problem in getting the tenant to pay up.

If, a tenant asks for a rental receipt, he / she probably needs it for tax purposes, as many states give tenants a ‘renter’s tax credit’, and they need the receipts to back up their deduction, while filing taxes. There is no need for a landlord to go into a tizzy, just because a tenant insists on getting a rental receipt. Go ahead and issue one, no harm in it!

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