Choosing a Property Management Company: Tips for Landlords

Posted by Teresa on August 27, 2010 under Landlord Tips, Tenant Screening & Background Checks | icon: commentBe the First to Comment

tenantscreeningblog.comLandlords are faced with making tough decisions every day. If you’re like the investment property owners we talk to, you regularly ask yourself questions like these:

  • Where should my next rental property purchase be?
  • What can I be doing to lower my vacancy rate?
  • When can I quit my day job?
  • Should I hire a property management company?

When it comes to question #4, we have some tips for you to consider when making that decision. Read on for ideas on how to choose a property management company.

First, take your time and do your research. Whether you own one or a dozen rental properties, the decision to outsource management is one of the most important ones you’ll make as a rental property owner. It can make or break your bank account—and even your business. Look at things like:

  • How do they handle tenant disputes?
  • What is their maintenance agreement like? Do they charge for labor and materials? Is there a surcharge on materials?
  • How do they conduct tenant screening?
  • What is their reputation in the community?
  • Do they offer online rent payment?
  • When do you receive rent payments?
  • What is their fee?

Understand that hiring a property management company means letting go of the day-to-day management of your rental business. The PM company will show the property, advertise vacancies, screen tenants, handle the paperwork and all the maintenance. If you are not ready to give up control, then hiring a management company won’t do you or the company any good.

Smart landlords know that you must manage the management company. It’s like having employees—and business owners must manage their employees. The property management company is representing you, so make sure you are 100% happy with how they are treating your property and your tenants.

Hiring the right property management company can lead to increase profitability through lower vacancy rates, better tenant satisfaction and lower turnover. You might even get some of your free time back! Do your homework and carefully consider all the implications before you sign any contracts.